Balloon Twisting is an art.  Most balloon twisters consider themselves artists.  Because of this, you can find a wide array of rates from amature to professional.  Balloon twisters typically work part-time on weekends and peak holidays.  They often are impacted seasonally with more work during spring and summer months.  Some Balloon Twisters take up a residency at a location in exchange for a lower hourly rate.

How much should I budget for my Balloon Twister? 

$80 – $150 per hour

Amateur or beginner balloon twisters may work as volunteers, but you can expect to pay an experienced balloon twister up to $150 per hour for balloon twisting entertainment.  An experienced balloon architect creating custom installations could charge even more depending on their portfolio.

When should I pay less for Balloon Twisting?

In some cases you may be able to find a volunteer or beginner balloon twister for your event.  Many balloon twisters offer discounts for non-profit or commnity events.  It never hurts to ask the company you are hiring what opportunities are available.  Be respectful when approacing an artist.  Be sure to explain the value you are providing in exchange for sponsoring your event.

When should I pay more for Balloon Twisting?

Artist vary in both skill and rate.  If you are hiring a reputable balloon artist, be prepared to pay their asking rate.  If you have additional requests (such as: party decorations, custom balloon art, or an event theme) you can expect to pay a premium rate.  Some balloon artist require additional compensation for food, lodging, or transportation to your event.  Be sure to clarify all fees, terms, and conditions, prior to hiring your balloon twister.

Should I tip my Balloon Twister?

Accepting tips is a standard practice for balloon twisters.  Many balloon twisters are paid hourly for private events, but others work entirely for tips.  Because of this, you should discuss the tipping policy with your artist prior to hiring them for your event.  Some artists set their rates based on accepting tips and will charge more if tipping is not allowed.  You should always discuss all terms in advance of hiring any balloon twister.  No matter what, if you feel like your artist provided an excellent service, be sure to show them gratuity!

How much should I tip a Balloon Twister?

Balloon twisters are artists and often work only for tips.  If your kids are getting free balloons at a park or event, show your gratitude in the form of a tip.  Tips can average anywhere from $1-$10 or more per balloon sculpture.  If you are asking an artist to go ‘over and above’ it is customary to tip.  If you can’t afford to tip, offer a smile and a big ‘Thank you.’  Gratuity and kindness are always appreciated.