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Nathan Goodfellow

Nathan Goodfellow

Balloon Twister

Nathan Goodfellow is the creative director, multimedia producer, and founder of 360Production.Services.

I taught myself how to twist balloons in 2015 while planning my community event: Music and a Movie.


I was unsuccessful at locating a balloon twister for my event so I decided to learn how to twist balloon animals.  I was also able to find some amazing YouTube channels to learn from and my kids had tons of suggestions.  After hours of practicing, I was ready for my first event!

Music and a Movie was a huge success.  Amongst the Live Music, Movie Screening, and Bubble Machines, the Balloon Twisting was a hit!  The kids kept coming back for more balloons and soon I ran out completely!  We were able to raise a ton of support for The Helping Center, a local food bank!

After that event I kept my balloon twisting a secret, only making balloons for special occasions.  My kids kept coming up with new ideas and soon I had countless balloon designs memorized.  Occasionally I would show up to events, such as Eeyores Birthday Party, and give away balloon art.

One day, while chatting about hidden talents with a co-worker, we discovered we had a matching talent: Balloon Twisting!  I teamed up with him and his wife and their company:  Austin Kids Parties

Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and I had to re-think my balloon services.  This is when Balloon.Services was born!  During the pandemic I offered balloon delivery services to bring pre-twisted balloons to my customers!  Now that the pandemic has lifted, I am back to offering in-person balloon twisting services!

Check out my balloons featured in the music video: ‘Right Now’ by The Human Circuit

**Caution to sensitive viewers: this video contains flashing strobe lights and shocking content.**