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Looking to provide entertainment for an upcoming party or event?

Due to COVID-19 we’ve had to re-think how we offer balloon twisting services.
We are now offering balloon twisting for pick-up or delivery in the Austin and Central Texas area!

We are still offering limited in-person balloon twisting services for events in Central Texas that have proper COVID-19 preventative measures in place.

Ask for any balloon you like, feel free to challenge us!

Delivery is limited to the greater Austin area and may not be available everywhere. We schedule delivery of your balloons on the day of your event to ensure optimal enjoyment. Our typical delivery rate is $0.50/mile. However, rates are subject to change during peak times. We offer delivery at the best local service rate available whenever possible.
We have FREE local pickup available from our studio in Central Austin near Airport and I-35. Pickup address will be confirmed during the ordering process.

Please consider that there is some possibility of popping during delivery and transport and unfortunately, despite best efforts, some popping or untwisting may occur. We suggest always ordering 2x balloons per participant to accommodate.

In the event of extreme popping or disappointment we do offer vouchers through our Emergency Balloon Services. In order to qualify, you will need to immediately capture a photo of the popped or damaged balloon.  Be sure to also collect the remnants and notify us immediately through the Emergency Balloon Services page.

In order to reduce popping we always use high quality 100% latex balloons.  We also ensure the companies we purchase from make balloons with latex through responsible sourcing.  Although latex balloons do break down over time, this process can take a number of months to several years and we always suggest picking up and properly disposing of any balloon remnants.  If this sounds difficult, make it fun for the kids with a reward!  Do not discard balloons on the ground and use a proper trash receptacle.

ALLERGY ALERT: This product contain latex which is a known allergen and can cause allergic reactions.
Do not interact with the balloons if you have a known latex allergy.
Children should always be monitored when playing with balloons.
If you have an allergic reaction, seek medical treatment immediately.

SENSORY WARNING: Balloons can be a highly sensitive play activity.
Parents should be considerate of children with sensory issues when playing with balloons.
Balloons can squeak and pop randomly while playing.
Children should always be monitored when playing with balloons.

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