Emergency Balloon Services

Balloon animals are fun and special creations.  Just like everything in life, they don’t last forever.  The life span of a balloon can be anywhere from a few moments to a few days.  Our dream is that every balloon will live a long, luxurious life, very often this is not the case.

A popped balloon can be a traumatic experience. A new friend now ceases to exist! Or worse, is horribly disfigured!

Everyone should be aware that even the best balloon sword can break in the midst of battle.

In order to avoid a Balloon Emergency, it is best to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of any and all Balloon Hazards

Balloon Hazards:

  • Fresh cut grass
  • Tree bark and sticks
  • Squeezing and twisting
  • Stomping and squishing
  • Anything Sharp

Side Effect of a Popped Balloon

  • Startlement or surprise
  • Elevated voice or shouting
  • Quivering lip or tears
  • Extreme disappointment

ALLERGY ALERT: This product contain latex which is a known allergen and can cause allergic reactions.
Do not interact with the balloons if you have a known latex allergy.
Children should always be monitored when playing with balloons.
If you have an allergic reaction, seek medical treatment immediately.

SENSORY WARNING: Balloons can be a highly sensitive play activity.
Parents should be considerate of children with sensory issues when playing with balloons.
Balloons can squeak and pop randomly while playing.
Children should always be monitored when playing with balloons.

Don't Suffer From Balloon Disappointment